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A couple of issues with new version of the product designer


I upgraded to the latest version last week. We were using 3.5.5 before that. It's a live site and some things weren't working well, so we had to revert back to the older version. There's no way I know of to download intermediate versions, so I'm not sure which version is causing issues.

After the upgrade to the latest version:

- it was no longer possible to change colors of elements. The color picker just doesn't show up properly.

- every first layer (usually the background) gets automatically locked. The user can unlock, but this is very weird.

- there seemed to be an issue with the saving of a changed design as well. Would not show up after reloading in the loading bay.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issues?


Is it maybe .svg images? Then the  color picker issue should be fixed in 3.7.1. The other two issues I've not seen and can not replicate. Maybe related to skipping the intermediate versions?

Yes, I do believe it was svg images that weren't getting the color picker. Thanks for fixing it! 

I'll update and do some testing for the other issues. 

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