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SVG Colors Limit


Suggestion : 

It would be cool if customer uploaded .svg file can also have limited colors option. Right now color limit feature only applies for .png files.

Why :

I run a vinyl t-shirt printshop only capable of print 8 colors.

In the meantime, I suggest the customer upload their images in .png, so they can change the colors of the image as a whole. (pic attached) If the customer wants a few colors, they have to upload several .png files.

That's why I also want to implement .svg files, to enable the customers to change the color of every path individually with only one design uploaded. But it seems the color limit on the 'default element options' for images doesn't apply to .svg files (pic attached), where it displays the whole color spectrum as opposed to only the limited colors.

This would be beneficial for :

+ Printshop with products capable only doing limited amounts of colors

+ The customer if they want few colors design in limited color products, so instead of having to upload several images just to get different colors they can just upload 1 .svg file

I really hope this can be implemented. Thanks :)

This is already possible, you only need to define multiple colors for the SVG.

Oops sorry, I forgot to emphasize 'for the customer uploaded .svg image'. If customer upload .svg image, what shows is the whole color spectrum, not the limited colors defined in the main setting.

Yes, it works if you make pre-made design templates, and define the .svg colors. This is not what I meant. My bad.

I already asked this in support question, you reply that this was currently not possible. So I guess I'll try to ask for feature request here.

Ok, I found the issue. It will be part of the next update.


Thank you so much!! Now it works!

Can anyone tell me where I can set this?

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