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Option to show saved customer designs on products, based on product 'saved design type'


It would be cool if the customer saved designs can be accessed in many products, not just the product they were saved on. 

It's extremely useful if the store :

1. Uses A LOT of variation in every product. 

2. Have many print products, where one product may print only limited to few colors (such as vinyl print), and the others can print many colors (such as DTG print)

The way I picture this is, to make an option in every product to categorize 'saved design type'. 

So if one product is placed on 'DTG Print' type, for example, it can only load designs saved on products with the same type. 

I hope this can be implemented. Thanks!

Sorry, this was possible in previous versions, but some products in woocommerce have different prices. This way the user was able to load a saved product with a lower price.

Is that so? Ah I see. Makes sense, though. 

Thank you. 

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