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Custom image upload settings problem v 3.7.0

After last update and when Custom image upload settings "Save on server" is set to NO

The image won't upload with an error message "Image could not be loaded"

This problem was tested on 2 different websites

Best regards

Y. Berrada

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Same problem!

Same error... could not resolve yet


i have the same problem. I can't upload any images to add to shirt design. 


I will check this within next update, but I hightly recommend to turn on this option. Otherwise you may inspect some issues when adding the product to cart with a large image.

where can we turn on this option? what option?

About which option are you talking about? I have tried almost all the parameters in the documentation but still facing this error. Still getting the error message "Image could not be loaded" when uploading an image from default uploader


Enable "Save On Server" in the general settings of FPD. But I found the bug and it will be fixed in next update, which will come this week.

Hi there,
I have problem with upload own images...

Image could not be loaded!

I tried everything what I read on this forum with this tag... It works only if I am signed for WP...

WP: 5.5.1

WC: 4.5.2

FPD: 4.4.1

thank you for any help... 

Hi there,

I am having problem with customized image in email. I am receiving 9 same images as attachments in email. Also on complete order its creating 10 files of same image in _fpd_temp folder. can you tell me  how i limit that to only 1 file?


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