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internal server error

We have internal server error wit new pdf downloader ? 

How we can solve this ?


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I had this issue when testing.

Make sure the product you're trying to export has had the settings amended which can be found here: 


I also don't think it works on an order that has already been created, so try the steps above and make a new order, this is what worked for me.

When I click on the button "Edit View Options" at Product Builder page, I can't see any modal for the PDF output setting.


I'm using:

Fancy Product Designer - Version 3.5.61

Fancy Product Designer REST API - Version 1.3.0

Am i missing something?

I think you need to update your FPD, the PDF Module was added in 3.7.0.

If you don't have auto updates,  it's best to check where you brought the plugin from for the latest version.

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