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[Bug] Layers can not be re-arranged

Discovered another bug in FPD, fairly easy fix if the developer reads this. 

Layers cannot be re-arranged on the latest version. 

The plugin has a checkbox value 'zChangeable' that allows you to re-arrange the layers, but this option is only visible to the product builder. It should be available for all uploaded images, text, designs.

Lines 7976-7967 in the JS. FancyProductDesign.js

From: reorderHtml = element.zChangeable ? '<span class="fpd-icon-reorder"></span>' : '';

To: reorderHtml = '<span class="fpd-icon-reorder"></span>';

Just make sure you have debug turned off to fix the problem. :)


You can set this in the Settings > Default Element Options.

z-changeable is there, but the one underneath images doesn't affect the product designer. The z-changeable option for text works great though!

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