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Rotatable upload zone

When we rotate the upload zone and press save it goes back to it's original place.



Actually an upload zone can not be rotated, so I do not know how you achieve that.

Can this be enabled??

I need this function for a product!

Yeah also really important for us. Looking into modifying the plugin now allow it now. Did you ever manage it? shoot me an email @ECAJ Handelsbolag - olly_eveleigh@hotmail.co.uk


You can either open a feature request in our feature request forum and hope that we are going to implement it or if you need to get it done for sure and want to pay for it please open a customization request on our website https://fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request/

ECAJ & Kevin, did you ever manage to find a way to do this? Still trying to achieve this.


The only problem for us is that we are so close with PDF now. We are literally just waiting on rotatable upload zones and ideally linking upload zones so that they changed together (this is not so critical). Talked to so many developers but they can't seem to manage it unfortunately. I played around with NBDesigner but also has a lot of limitations.

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