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Single Color SVG issue

I seem to be having an issue with single path SVG files, I am unable to get the the colour selector to work/display, when clicking on the colour swatch (see screen capture attached).

In "Manage Designs" "Edit Category Options" color(s) is set to "1" but results in the attached image with no color picker

But everything works as expected for:

For multi path SVG files, these work as intended when color(s) set to "1" displaying a swatch for each

For single path SVG, multiple hex colors entered in "color(s)" displays swatches for the colors entered

For single path SVG, a single hex color entered in "color(s)" displays a swatch for the color entered

the problem also happens with the product builder and single path SVG files, this time with a single hex color entered

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i have the same problem :-(

It should display once you click on the color swatch.

Yes I should, but as my attached picture shows, nothing happens when the color swatch is clicked

I found the issue, will be fixed in next update.

Thanks for the fix in the latest update, it's working great now!


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