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Category Scrolling not possible beyond certain number of categories

Hi, while creating numerous categories and viewing the front end design module, I noticed that you cannot scroll down further than a specific amount of categories. (View Image below)


It looks like the scrolling javascript that you implemented in the individual categories (class="mCSB_dragger" or whatever it is) does not load in this <div> container. I've tested to see if it there was anything on my end that needed fixing, but after inspecting your source code it looks to be an error from your plugin.

Can you please fix this for your next update?



This CSS code seems to be the problem too.


.fpd-module[data-module=designs].fpd-head-visible .fpd-scroll-area {
    height: calc(100% - 35px);



The following code seems to have done the job:


.fpd-module[data-module=designs].fpd-head-visible .fpd-scroll-area {
    height: calc(100% - 145px) !important;

 It would be great if you can make this adjustment on your next update if you see fit. Thanks

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