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Dynamic Position?

Hey all,

I have a business card template setup and I need to use a different font for the first and last name fields because I'm trying to replicate their existing business card design. The first name is Lato Bold and the last name is Lato Thin. The problem is with positioning the last name box next to the first name box. Is there a way to make the last name box automatically position 10 pixels to the right of the firstt name? I can't put the first and last name in one field because it would force the font to be the same for both names. Is a dynamic positioning like this possible? Thanks in advance.


Yes , You can create to text separate text area one for each names and the font can be set a wished and wouldn't  affect each other


I see that you can make the first and last name a different font. But the bigger issues is spacing. See the example below and how the first name runs over top of the last name field. I need a way to set the last name field to reposition itself so many points/pixels to the right of the last name. Does that make more sense? I could leave the last name field unlocked so the user could move it but I don't know if I can trust an inexperienced user to build their own business card and have the pieces line up perfectly for printing. Let me know if there are other options. Thanks!



Sorry Roy I don't think there is a very straight forward solution for your requirement but maybe you can try something with the bonding box to restrict the length of the Text field

Hi I think with the update from FDP 3.6.5 you have many options 

- Set a maximum font size for text elements in the product builder

- Set a „Font Size To Width“ property in the product builder for text elements, so the font size will be adjusted to fit in the width, when the user is changing the text http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000018327

Have a look at them I think this can help you improve on your solution updates Changelog


Has this feature been added yet? I would love to be able to position an element relative to another element. That way a design could have image's placed amongst text and would look right regardless of how many lines of text were used.

no it hasn't. Please create a ticket in our feature request forum so we can keep this is mind for further updates. 


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