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Need help trying to work out if Product designer can do these two options

Got 2 scenarios I am trying to work out if Fancy Product Designer can do

1. Can I set a fixed background image, then the user can choose from the available products that then sit over the top of the background image, my client basically sells artwork, and we need to create an Art Gallery, so the user could see how the art piece looks in a room environment, ideally we want to set a room background, but with areas of it where you can change the colour, then the artwork (product) site on top of both these layers and the user can select through different options

2. In another project we need to create say a Football shirt which you can build different colours, so on the shirt it may be made of 3 different areas, like collar, or sleeves etc and the user can select different colour options to create their product, I think this is possible, but is it possible to create an area (like the sleeve) and allow someone to user a colour wheel to select


Yes all the above are possible 

1. You need to work with layer and lock the backgrounds layers which cannot be changed by the clients 

2. You will need to separate the shirt into pieces and create each piece that needs to be customized 


Following on from point 2 in Neil's post, is there any way of defining and changing the colour of something like a "leopard print" pattern where there are multiple small patches on a shirt and the user selects one colour to fill all of them?

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