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A few questions to work out if this will be suitable for what we want to do!

I am trying to set up a way of selling customer sized canvas prints, where the customer can use the product designer to add their image and see how it will be cropped with the dimensions of the canvas, there are a lot of different variables so I was wondering if anyone could advise me whether this plugin would be suitable. 

Features needed:

- Ability for customer to choose a a standard size, or enter customer dimensions. This will need to be priced, perhaps I will need another plugin to do this?

- Ability to set up the designer to show how their image will look in relation to the chosen dimensions

- Variations for edges of the canvas - There are different options for printing on the edges of the canvas, including a block colour, or the image continuing onto the edge of the canvas. There is also the choice of narrow or wide stretcher bars.

- The output for us needs to be  high res image of the design the customer has made.

I would be grateful if anybody could advise!


Have a look at The Multi step product configurator. I have used it build one such system as you describe for a past client . Let me know if you need some support with setting it up.

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