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How to use masking images to create cornered/circle bounding boxes


This is a post that was created 2 years ago talking about creating bounding boxes with cornered edges, and the answer was posted:

Sorry, no there is currently no way of doing that. In most cases you can use a masking image though, like in our pin demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/bagde-pin/

Can anyone explain how I can do this? Is there still a requirement to do this or is the feature added?

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No, bounding boxes can still only be rectangles. There is one new feature called masking, which allows using a .svg file as mask for a whole view (product builder, edit mask button directly above the product preview) or the old masking image trick.

This does not explain how to do it. 

I also need to do a circle bounding box. I would gladly use the image trick, but what is this image trick

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