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I have the following workflow for an application in which customers can select and configure the partitions, screens and furniture for an exhibition stand at a trade show..

I have a sense that Fancy Product Designer will meet my needs, but there are a few conceptual gaps.

I would appreciate any input on how to implement my requirements, or an indication that FPD will not be suitable.

  1. The components are loaded as SVG files
  2. Customer comes to the site (Wordpress/Woocommerce)
  3. They start a custom build
  4. They select the size of the stand (the floor space available to them)
  5. They select and position a range of screens and other components onto the floor
  6. They select a material type and colour for each (e.g. Felt, Green)
  7. The selection of components and materials updates the price in real time
  8. They have the option to switch to a 3D render of the layout
  9. When they checkout, each component and its materials and colour are listed

Customers can also start by selecting a pre-existing configuration and then customising it to meet their needs.

The pre-existing configuration is not affected by their changes.




Except of point 8 everything should be possible. But you can set up own your testing environment and create a product in my admin demo: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/


Thanks for the response.

In terms of the 3D view...

When items are added and configured in FPD, is the location of the items stored?

If so, how is that data stored?  I am thinking that I could write a plugin for your plugin that fetches the data and does a 3D render.



The data is stored as JSON in the mysql database. The plugin has own tables and for WC orders, it will be stored in the oder item meta.


My client has purchased FPD, and we are now configuring things.

I think I am misunderstanding a key concept.

Please can you guide me:


Category: Event display

Product: Event Display stand

Linked to same in FPD


Product: Event Display Stand

Layer: Floor plan

Element: A piece of furniture that is going to go in the display

Currently we have these as SVG and PNG files.

The user needs to be able to customise the colour of these.

We want the library of elements to be on the sidebar, so that the user can add them.

When they add one, the total price changes.

Currently, when we add an element, it ends up appearing on the floor plan automatically, rather than being an element that the user selects.

I found a screenshot which seems to point to what we want (it is rather old):

http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000045106/page/2?url_locale= (a few posts down).



Please create a ticket with your question, so we can check your purchase license and assist you in a private discussion.



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