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Advanced Editing tool is not working

Hi Mr Radikal

After the last update the Advanced Editing tool is not working, you could check it out,

thanks in advance

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So far we are only aware of the remove white feature not working, we're looking into that already. What else seems to be non functional for you?


Will be fixed in next update V3.6.3

Thank you for your prompt response, I hope you find the solution for the Advanced Editing tool.

There are several things that do not work for me but I do not know if they have a solution.

But I would be satisfied with display the colors names in the cart and the checkout. How can I do this?


Thank you once again, you are a great team

Hello all, I found a few more bugs in the latest release (3.9.0).  I've attached screenshots with explanations. I'm using Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit).

It seems that when you try to crop something, you can just click on "SAVE" at the bottom of the dialog box (instead of clicking on the "CHECKMARK" button above the image), and you will end up with a shadow box where the crop should have been.  Solution would be to prevent users from clicking on the RESTORE ORIGINAL or SAVE buttons until they've either clicked on the "X" or "CHECKMARK" button while in cropping mode.....


@Jay I will improve this in the next update.

@radykal No worries, my friend - you all do a wonderful job! Thanks for creating this plugin - it is a work of art!  If I discover anything else, I'll post a new topic. Take care.

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