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Why is the PDF output flattened? I need to remove the product background layer to print

When I download the PDF of the product, it flattens all the layers together in one image. Basically a jpg imbedded in a pdf file...Not really helpful.  Is there a different way to export the PDF or is this the intended function; load the customer design back into the viewer, and then download the 'PDF'.  I've looked all over the forum and cannot find any discussion at all about the correct method to do this.  This is the JQuery version, is there different tools available for woocommerce/wordpress? 

You need to set the image format to SVG to get layers in the PDF.

Thanks but where do you as the developer set this option?  Does it then require the user to only upload svg images or can pngs, jpgs still be utilized?  Sorry If it's obvious but I can't seem to find any discussion about this or any functions pertaining to it.  


When selecting SVG you can still use png and jpg images in the product. See attached screenshot where you can set this in the order viewer.

Is your screenshot from the Wordpress version? I'm using the JQuery install.  I don't see any 'Order Viewer' code or any functions pertaining to SVG options for PDF output.  

Here's where I am at: 

I managed to get custom designs to save to my db.  I can reload them into the fpd editor from the db using their ID.  This works well enough I can work it into my site and shopping cart....Almost there!  From here I am stuck as to what I am supposed to do next to get a non-flattened output. I need a method of getting the layered PDF so we can drop out the template product.  

As a potential workaround I thought perhaps creating a backend fpd where all the data-parameters would be removable = true.. This would allow us to drop out the background product and use the fpd download as png to maintain a transparent background.....This is the best I have come up with so far.  Is there a better way? Thanks


Can you only output to SVG with the Wordpress or WooCommerce install?

I'm using the JQuery version and see NO TOOLS for retrieving designs.  I feel a bit slighted here! What is the intended way for the site owner to collect user designs?


Hi Devon,

i had the same problem. If you want, you can contact me: post [at] holger-altwein.de

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