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Attach multiple bounding boxes to an element

I came across an issue where I'm in need of attach multiple bounding boxes to one element, as that functionality is currently not available I'd suggest the following.

  • Create multiple bounding boxes within one product and give them seperate titles
  • Same as boundingBox property for every element but now boundingBoxes which can have either a boolean 'false' where the element has no bounding boxes and an array type, where the user adds strings of the boundingBox titles or same like the boundingBox property allow to define your own bounding box directly using an object type in that array.

Why does this plugin need this feature?
The answer to this is pretty simple, because it doesn't support it yet.
If I'd like 3 areas where the item can add elements, but only to those 3 areas on the canvas this is not possible to do, on creation of the elements you can specify which boundingBox is for new elements, but this only supports 1 boundingBox. A better option would be to allow multiple boundingBoxes so you can move those elements between those 3 areas.


Sorry this is not possible, the only workaround would be to create 3 upload zones.

I agree with Ciryk, this is a needed feature.

Agree, need customer to choose either A6, A5, A4 or A3 on one side of the shirt and same for the reverse. Then each size will have its own price. For now i just created duplicated products. HOPE IT WORKS.

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