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Enable a Get A Quote button


I use the plugin Fancy Product Designer and Fancy Product Designer Plus to personnalize tee-shirt, sweats.. but i don't want the customer to buy products but to send to me a quote to tell him the price and if he is ok, he pay.

I see that the feature "Enable a Get A Quote button" instead of the price is available but i didn't find it on my WordPress admin.

Can you tell me where I can find it ?

I try some plugins but it was not compatible with Fancy Product Designer :(


Thank you.

hello guys,

can someone let me know how many products this plugin support/

and this is the pro version right as per the demo. or else is there another plugin i should purchase?

It's under the Woocommerce tab of FPD settings.



when i enable the get a quote button its behave similar like add to cart.
can we configure it as a normal quote button instead of cart functionality..?

Please assist.


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