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text need to always be uppercase

I have created a product and i have added 3 text inputs over the image. That works great, but my customer only wants the the text inputs to be uppercase. They refuse to use the text transform option. I was able to change the text area for the input but after inputting the text it is still lowercase.

Any ideas on how to make it Uppercase?



I need this feature as well.



I found an all caps font. Code Pro Demo-Wevbfont.


How I solved this was to use Glyphr Studio - http://www.glyphrstudio.com/online/

You can load a font file into it and then delete the lower case characters and copy the upper case characters into those deleted areas and then export as a custom font.

You can then upload this into FPD.

Changing the font glyphs to all capitals forces the user to write in capitals even if they have caps lock off as all the fonts is now uppercase.

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