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Problem with the FPD update 3.6.0

Hi Mr Radykal

After the last update 3.6.0 the bonding box no longer works, both texts and images are placed outside the box and positioned in the left corner of the stage.

could you please fix it, thanks


Could you please open a ticket and share your website information, so one of our support agent can take a look at it!

Bei uns das gleiche Problem

I am also having this problem. On some products it happens every time, on others it only happens on the first placed logo. If you place it again, it works. Please find a fix fast!

Screencast attached.

I will upload a fixed version today.


This will be fixed in V3.6.1, which is now available via auto-updater in WP.

That is working

Thank you Mr Radykal, you are the best

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