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Product Preview Export / Realtime

Hi folks,

Looking to implement this hand-in-hand with a 3D renderer engine, WebGL.
Can FPD generate a PNG/JPG version of the customised product, similar to the 'cart preview' image and larger 'social media shared' image, but at a larger/better quality resolution? 

We see the user editing their artwork template via FPD, and then seeing the product applied as a texture in the 3D scene beside/below the FPD console...
The 3d renderer can dynamically read temporary images created/stored, but just need to know if a script/button can be implemented in FPD to export a high res jpg/png version on the edited FPD product, before they hit 'add to basket' or 'print' etc? If so, this could then be real-time too! :)



No sorry thats not possible.

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