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Update 3.5.6

One of the features is: - FPD orders were accessible when knowing the order id and item id outside from customers account


Does this mean that the links in older order confirmation emails don't work anymore? After installing the update, I cannot access the saved design through the link in an older email confirmation anymore, and once I revert back to the older version, it works again.

I'm curious if someone can answer this question.

I am curious about this as well. 


Yes we think its not a good idea to view orders from other customers when you know the order id and item id, thats why you need to be logged in.

Hmm, yes, I understand the reasoning, but the links were very useful. Can't you make them less obvious than just the order and item id? Or have a setting in the back-office that you can turn on or off?

I could give my customer a correct link that they use to view their design easily and quickly. Now that is made more difficult.

The only option that I see so far is to have an option to turn this on/off.

Thanks for considering this, Radykal, I really appreciate it. An option to turn it off or on would be perfect for our needs.

Yes, it would be great to have such an option. 

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