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Pre sales questions


We are a nonprofit agency in the USA considering this plugin to sell picture frames. The live demo was not working for me even after I liked the Facebook page.

Would we have the ability to customize multiple variations of picture frames for the customer to choose from when deciding to order? For example, we would offer three picture frame mouldings, each with 5 different mat board options.

Also-- as a nonprofit agency subject to state and federal regulations, we are required to have W9 information on file of vendors we submit payment to. Do you have this information you could provide?

Update: I've resolved the live demo issue (had to access it through a different browser). Works perfectly.

However, I am still requesting the W9 or W-8BEN as part of our nonprofit agency's requirements prior to purchase.

I've attached both a W9 and W-8BEN to be filled out by you if you don't already have this information on file.

Thanks for your attention to this,



w8ben.pdf w8ben.pdf
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Please open a support ticket about this, then I'll reassign it to the developer who'd be the only one who could do this - can't promise he will of course.

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