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Trouble on IOS and Android

Dear Radikal Team 

We are using your FancyProduct Designer and we have noticed two bugs. 


- if we selecte multiple photos and then press done

- The first photo comes fit and / Or cover inside the upload zone

- the others come floating with the possibility of Drag & Drop and Clone, 

- Sometimes deleting photos get stuck and if deleting works, then we cannot upload a new photo 

How can we disable this, we want to upload many photos but we want each of them to be come inside its upload zone once we select it. 


- We can upload one by one photo

- each photo comes in its box either fit or cover

- in case we clicked on the popup layer X on android devices, it will not work. 

Also i have some other questions:

- Can we hide the reset button 

- Can we change the location of the Delete button

Please we need your reply ASAP

Thank you 


1)Upload zones can always only contain one element - any element added after another should replace the previously added. There should be no way of adding more then one image in the first place actually.

2) Which Android version exactly? Which browser? We've never been able to replicate this issue so far.

3, 4) At the moment, no.

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