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Clipart library upload

As the topic says. 

Is it possible to upload a clipart library to Fancy Product Designer with for example 1000 categorized vector images that customer can choose from?  

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Yes. That feature is called Fancy Designs. Take a look at an example in this demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/t-shirt/


Yes, but can I upload a whole clipart library with for example 1000 images categories and names in one go, or do I manually have to upload them one at the time and manually name and categorize them? The link does not display if the library upload is possible.

You can use as many as the WordPress upload features can take in one go - not sure how many that is. Also depends on your file sizes I guess.

Hi Felix and Johnny - was there a solution to this issue? I am looking to import a clipart library also.....thanks!

Maximum upload file size depends p.e. on your Host. You can check the maximum upload file size in Wordpress going to Dashboard -> Media -> Add New.

In order to be able to upload more or bigger files you might have to increase the maximum upload file size of your Wordpress page. Using google you can find several options to do so.

Instead of uploading loads of images, why can't you integrate a clip art website that probably will need an API key from the user just like you did with Pixabay and Deposit Photos

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