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[PLUS] Name & Number module position


would be great to have the Name & Number module outside of the .fpd-container in the product summary (i.e like the Bulk tools).

In this way the user will have the quantity/size matrix always visible.

At the moment if you have a Soccer Jersey with the name & number in the rear view (and the front view as default when at the product page loading), it's not easy for the end user find where to insert quantity by size by team member.

Using the same positing of the bulk order IMHO is a better option and you can have more consitency in a website with the two features implemented (Name&Numbers and Bulk order).

Thank you!


You can place the main bar anywhere where you want with a shortcode or some other position options (see settings). The main bar includes the names&numbers module. Having an extra position for this module will not be supported.

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