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Fancy Product Designer disappears after 10 seconds


I am using WordPress 4.8.2 / Woocommerce 3.2.1 / Fancy Product Designer 3.5.5

On a frontend product card page, when I click on "Customize", Fancy Product Designer disappears after 8 to 10 seconds 

and returns to the product page but without the "Customize" button. And it's the same phenomenon for all products.

I disabled lots of optimization and security plugins and reinstalled FPD and WordPress. But no results.

Please, need some help as far as I can not solve this problem for 2 days.



Unfortunately, I have not received any help since having posted this request.

But I continue testing some solutions. I deleted the entire folder of Fancy Product Designer 3.5.5 plugin, then I installed version 3.3.0. And...

the disappearance problem of plugin interface no longer exists.

Mr Developers, what do you think about this ?

Thanks for your help.


If you urgently need help, please open a support ticket - the community forum will always be slower.

We've not seen this issue in our own tests, so it is most likely some sort of conflict. Please test again with all plugins but Fancy product designer and WooCommerce disabled and one of the basic themes like twenty seventeen active.

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