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Guided tour delete steps and lightbox bug


I made a post already about how is extremely necessary to make a simple "delete step" of the guided tour, but you deleted the post. So, again, it is necessary, it's surreal I have to "Reset to default" and re-configure again the Layout Composer everytime I need to delete a step.

Moreover, guided tours on lightbox seems to have some kind of bug, this is what I'm experiencing when using a guided tour on lightbox:


Basically, the first step starts showing as soon as you enter the product page, and is showed at the top left corner of the page. Maybe is something relative to my own site configuration, but still, I don't have any other incompatibility with the plugin whatsoever.

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Thanks for you fast support. The tour is desktop & tablet ready. Only for a small mobile-screen is the guide to big. Can you implement a switch (hidden) for a responsive desktop?.

 I have the same problem, in desktop view the guided tour looks excellent but when I open the page on a phone it is displayed below the lightbox.

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