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Guided tour delete steps and lightbox bug


I made a post already about how is extremely necessary to make a simple "delete step" of the guided tour, but you deleted the post. So, again, it is necessary, it's surreal I have to "Reset to default" and re-configure again the Layout Composer everytime I need to delete a step.

Moreover, guided tours on lightbox seems to have some kind of bug, this is what I'm experiencing when using a guided tour on lightbox:


Basically, the first step starts showing as soon as you enter the product page, and is showed at the top left corner of the page. Maybe is something relative to my own site configuration, but still, I don't have any other incompatibility with the plugin whatsoever.

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The positioning issue you are seeing is not a general issue. Please check for conflicts.


Just tried disabling all plugins except WooCommerce and FPD, I changed the theme to a basic WP one, and disabled all kind of caches, still not working.

Any idea of what else should I try?


This is happening to me as well and now I cannot delete the guided tour at all. How do I delete or disable the tour? 

I hid the box via CSS but would love a way to remove the tour from my UI completely. Thanks 

Hi bret!

You seem to be having the same lightbox problem as well, I tried your site, and this happened:


yea I hid it in one of the UI's but forgot to hide it in that one. Thats the only way I can figure out how to get rid of the steps for now. 

1. I got the issue with the lightbox and will be fixed in next update.

2. You can easily delete a step via the bin icon. Don't you see this icon?


Glad to hear the lightbox issue is going to be fixed!

Regarding the bin icon, just as the bret screenshot shows, it's not visible, however, after seeing your screenshot I went and inspected the element and it seems it kind of is there, but it's not showing, neither working if I click there.


Hi radykal. I do not have a trash can. Could some of my custom css in the UI manager be hiding it? See my screenshot I posted above. I only have the directional arrows and no trash can. Thanks

I found the issue, the css file for the icons is not enqueued. I will upload the fix today.

Also the steps don't work for me, after step 3/8 it's disappear 


I have the same problem. The error already appears on the product page and in the designer. The tour can not be deleted.


The update 3.5.5 can now be updated via wp admin.

If a step is not showing up, be sure that the action or module is available in the UI otherwise it could not be detected and the tour stops.

Showing the same issue for lightbox. The tour gets loaded and is displayed before the customization button is clicked.

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