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Customize the ?start_customizing page


I'm using the customization button to load the fpd designer (wordpress no woocommerce)

is there a way to customize the wp page when the fpd customizer is loaded?

For example use CSS to change the wp theme page when the designer is loaded?

is there a css selector that i can use when the designer is loaded?

Thank you


This page - it's a lightbox - comes from FPD, so your theme does not apply to it. You can of course modify it's CSS. The easiest way to do this is to use the custom CSS tab in the UI & Layout composer. You can easily determine the CSS classes of each element with the inspection tool of your browser.

Hi Johnny,

when a user click the button to customize the design the page refresh and user need to scroll till to the end of the post to use the fpd tool

it's not obvious for all users,

what i needed is to remove for example featured image from post when the fpd tool is loaded, i think it's a function that i'm looking for

but i could not find what function to use,

it would be like that: if fpd loaded add filter remove featured image

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