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Option for image in focus after upload

The image upload process has been greatly improved of late - thanks team FPD. We've just added a new product and the resulting customer interaction has reminded me that user interfaces need to be grandmother friendly!

The product is digital photo to canvas (as in canvas print) and fairly straightforward - upload the image, resize and reposition to suit the canvas dimensions. However so far one customer (the second) has just uploaded the photo and made no changes - leaving gaps as the photo dimension didn't match. We've since changed the scale mode of the product's upload zone from 'fit' to 'cover', but my suggestion applies equally to both scenarios.

Suggestion: add an option (probably under to the scale mode option in the product) to have the image in focus after upload.

Currently, once the image has been uploaded the user has to click on it in order to see the manipulation controls - rotate, resize, etc. To most, that next step is fairly obvious. Clearly however, there are those who will not make that jump and need some visual encouragement.

If the image was in focus and the controls visible that would be a great help for those people, not to mention saving an extra click for all users; everyone using our product will want to manipulate the image in some way.

Given the wide range of possible products I realise though that this is probably not the case for everyone, hence the suggestion that it's added as an option.



You can do that by enabling "Auto-select" in the image options.

Hi radykal

Thanks for your answer - in my situation 'auto-select' will bypass the initial click on the canvas upload zone that brings up the upload dialogue box.

What I'm keen to have is the option of setting the loaded image into the focus state before the user clicks on it -

Image when first uploaded onto canvas, not in focus/selected:


Image in focus/selected (after clicking on it) showing dotted border, resize, rotate and trash icons



Even though this is 4 years old, I am faced with the same situation.

OP, did you find any solution for this?

The problem is that setting the auto-select for the upload zone (as suggested by the reply above) will simply select the upload zone in order to pick an image(in other words as the OP said, it is only bypassing the click on the upload zone).

What we are trying to achieve is to have the image uploaded into the upload zone to be auto-selected (which is not the case if you enable the auto-select on the upload zone layer). There should be an option to set "auto-select" on the image that was picked, and the reason is to make the user aware of the editing capabilities (which now is only appearing after they click on the image).

I know this is a long shot, but I hope someone has a workaround.

Creating a short flow scenario describing the interface is the best solution

like in this example: https://mylight.com.au/product/design-my-light/

Thank you for replying. The problem with the guide is that it isn't mobile friendly. And since the ability to auto-select images when added is already implemented, I was hoping there is a way to do so for the images selected for the upload zone. BTW, i like how you have customized your UI. The changing font color to emulate the changing led light is just brilliant.

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