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Start up

Hi, I am new using this plugin and it seems to be very confusing on my end since i am not good on designing.

I have a new site named https://finehardwood.wpengine.com/ and I already purchased this plugin, I also watched tutorials. However, I am very confused on where to start. I have my products upload on my woocommerce. My products are wood furniture.

Can you guide me where to start with?

Thank you so much!


The best starting point is usually to download a few product demos and take a look with those how the plugin works. You can do this via the product page under the FPD menu. Then add those products on a WooCommerce product page to see how it works, maybe change some things in the product builder and take a look at the effects.

Hi Johnny thank you so much for the response! Is this plugin works just like Adobe Photoshop? or what other features it offers? I am very sorry I am new on this.

No. Photoshop has a lot more features. The best starting point is really what I said im my last reply and this article: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/solution/articles/5000548165-quick-setup-for-woocommerce-wordpress

It also includes a link to video tutorials.

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