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color t-shirt choice


How I can add color to my product?

Now if i would choose colour I need click t shirt (see color.png)

how I can do that (see color2.png)


That's done using the change product feature. Basically you create one FPD product in each color and add all of those to the source field on the product edit page (or put them in a category and use that). Also make sure the product module is enabled.

where I can enabled product module? I can't find this.


In the UI & Layout composer, modules tab. You also need to select multiple products in the source field, otherwise it does not display.


Im having similar issues with this --- so If I want to have 10 different colors for a product, I would create a FPD Product for each color (with front and back views) and then add them to the source fields ("the source field on the product edit page") or link them all together using a Category? Could you provide a screen shot of an example or explain a little more where this configuration takes place please?

Would one color (lets say White) be the top-tier or Parent Product and all the others be linked within that product? Is this done in the Woocommerce product configurations?

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