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How to update

I can't see a new update in my Wordpress Dashboard. I'm still on version 3.5.0. On the web I found a rar file which claim to be version 3.5.2 but I wasnt able to update via Wordpress.

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I can't update from WP admin anymore either. When I updated from 3.4.9 to 3.5.1 this ability vanished. Now I see there are 2 more updates I cannot reach.

There is no general issue with the update via the admin. Are you simply not getting a notification? In that case try reloading your plugins page a couple of times.

Or are there error messages during install?

I'm also not getting updates after 3.5.0


From our side there has been/ should have been no issue with the update feature. Try reloading the plugins page of your wp-admin a couple of times.

You can in any case always login to your codecanyon/envato account and download the new version manually Then simply uninstall the old version and install the new one. You will not loose any data that way.

My update option wasn't available either even after refreshing a few times. I made a backup of the whole site and intended to manually delete and reinstall but I didn't trust not loosing any data. When I made the backup and went back to plugins, the update option was available. How weird.

DELETE guided tour steps is showing and working now.

I can't update either. I am waiting two months for 3.7.7 and i see now that there is 3.7.8. My version is 3.6.3 and never have seen a message for update. Why the update doesn't appear, this is an important thing? 

Because of the currency incompatibility a developer placed a code in the FPD directory so the currency plugin now works more or less. I can't afford deleting and then reinstalling, because i will probably loose this setting and will have to pay again to implement this code.

How to update without deliting the plugin, can you please help?

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