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Is it possible to have separate design categories for each product variation?

I have a bit more complex (but quite common) shop setting and was wondering if FPD (or in combination with MPC) can achieve that:

  1. The customer can choose between different canvas sizes (DIN A0, A1, A2....)  that result in different prices.
  2. The canvas can also consist of different materials e.g. paper, brushed metal, acrylic glass…. (which also has impact on the base price)
  3. On top of that canvas, the customers shall be able to put different designs, which prices depend on the size of the chosen canvas.

What I probably need is the possibility to link design categories to „canvas sizes“ in order to be able to set the right price for each size.

e.g. When the canvas is set to size DIN A0, only the design category "DIN A0" should be shown.

Can I realize such a shop with FDP and MPC?

I hope, I could state my problem half way clear ;-)



Linking design categories to sizes is not possible, at least if you want to realize the size options as variations (MSPC or WooCommerce). If you make different products for the different sizes that is possible. The rest you can do with a combination of FPD and MSPC or WooCommerce

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