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Names & Numbers ever only one in the cart

Hi, the products are not delivered in the basket. Only the last designed product is put into the basket. The others do not. what am I doing wrong.

Thx Alexis



They should all be in there. Please note that the item count will not go up, it's all counted and added as one product. Switch on this option (settings, WooCommerce tab) to see more details:


Hi Jonny, thanks for your support, but the option "Cart Element Props" are not the solution. 

I have designed four mugs, and putted these into the basket. But only ONE Mug is calculated.



Thanks Alexis

That is normal behaviour at the moment.

Hi Jonny, what do you mean? 

I can configure a lot of products in the same session, but only one product from there can be into the cart?

That is crazy!! What about the other configured products? What are they created for? If this is so, I can disable it immediately. Pity about money.

...I hope I've misunderstood you?

No. The count is one, but all names & numbers are added (just not as separate items).

But when I create four products with different names and numbers.

Then must be the quantity of the products in the shopping cart bigger then one.

The calculated quantity must then be four products. Have i´m a mistake in my configuration!?

Do you have a live working-examle for me, where I can see the correct workflow?

Thx Alexis

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Currently the Name & Number module does not seem to be working properly at all, as it only ever seems to export a PDF for the first item.

You can define a price for each "names and numbers" field so the final price will go up with each item. 

Also you can view all entries in the order details. They will just not be shown in the created pdf.

No solutions yet? The issue is that not every design comes at the same cost. You cant sell 10 designs on the same shirt/mug, it's just common sense that it would add an additional product to the cart for every N&N entry. The Add-ons are upsold, which is fine. But they should correspondent with the tool itself, which it doesn't.

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