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Additional photos to stay behind frame - replacing first photo.

How can we keep the images from overlapping like this screenshot, and also staying within the upload area and not bleed out? It looks terrible. I thought it was just on my site/setup but I was able to recreate the problem on the demo. See screenshots.


Hi , 

You can use and overlay image mask to fix this issue(problem 2) take a look here or you can use a bounding box to have a look here (problem 1)

and the demos on the website work well, i think maybe you didn't complete the setting up the demo data.Check the video in the second link it will help you solve problem 1

I'll try the overlay mask - but I should note the second image with the three frames was screen clipped from your demo link. That wasn't taken from my site. I wanted to make sure the problem wasn't just on my own site. But I was able to duplicate it on your demo site link. (http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/photo-frame/)

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