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Make a non-customizable variation

Hi there!

I would like to make a non-customizable variation of my product ( 1 of 3 variation of my product is non-customizable ). Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Please can you add more details to you question ,for example the plugins your using and the complete logic of the product you intend to create 


I want to create a product declined in three variations. These are bottles. One variation of 30ML, one of 50ML and one of 100ML.

I want the 50 and 100 ml variations to be customizable but not the 30 ml.

Currently, regardless of the variation format chosen on the frontoffice, it is customizable.

I do not see any option to block customization on my 30 ML variation.

Am I clear enough in my explanations?

Thank you.


Do you use and upload zone for you product ? if yes , I think you can create the 30 ml product as you did for the other products and 

use the settings in the image below on the product you don't want to be customizable this will stop uses from modifying or adding anything to the upload zone.

For a better user experience you can use an image with some text to explain to the user the can't modify this product.

I hope this can help you.


WordPress 4.8.1

Woocommerce 3.1.2

Fancy Product Designer last version

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