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Image & Media Question for anyone who has the knoweldge.

 So, I have a question for anyone who has the knowledge as I cannot find any information elsewhere.

As you know, Wordpress & WooCommerce both use content from the Media folder, which is not a great solution if you have a LOT of content. We would like to leave our Media folder as is, and allow Wordpress & WooCommerce to read & write this, however, I would like to know if it is possible for Fancy Product Designer to pull content (Designs, Images, Content etc) from a specific folder located elsewhere on the same server.

The reason for this is simple, we cannot find our media properly as the folder is very large, uploading and exporting takes a long time now and due to the size of this, we need to allocate a specified folder for FPD to pull images and media from.

If anyone knows how to do this, any information would be greatly appreciated.


I found an alternative method which works pretty well for me. With the media folder, it's not really possible to upload via FTP, which would be the best method for us. So, I found this method instead -

1. Use your favourite FTP program and navigate to /root/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/
2. Create a new directory and name it something like "fpd_designs"
3. Download and install plugin from Wordpress - called "Add from Server" available here - Link
4. When installed click "import" and navigate to the folder you made earlier
5. Upload all images and/or content to the folder via FTP
6. With the plugin, select the images you wish to import to your media folder and make sure "Upload Time" is selected
7. When import is complete, you'll have bulk added the images, thus eliminating a slow wait time for the website to upload images

This is also a good way to avoid the annoying HTTP Error during a normal upload; and of course, this takes a lot less time as the upload is handled via FTP and not your website.

I hope this helps someone out there,


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