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Price quote feature

We don't plan on using a ecommerance product purchasing feature on our website. But would still like a site visitor to be able to select a product, color, size and create their own custom design on that product and request a quote from us on that product. (Via email) does/will fancy product designer plugin have the ability to do this ? Thanks in advance Mark

Yes you can use the form short code [fpd_form] on any page or post  to enable users to request a quote and use the fancy product order option to view the request. Please read the DOCUMENTATION for more information 

can you provide a link to that Doc your referring to ? I searched and couldn't find this info

Can you explain how I can do that ? I search for the same feature.

Thank you


Hello ,sorry for my late reply you can use the gravity form for more advance form to process product quotes like explained here http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000033292--plus-connecting-gravity-form-with-fancy-product-designer

or you can use the default form shortcode [fpd_form] to display a form in the page FPD product  

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