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New Pricing Add-on is lacking important functionality

I just bought the new Pricing Add-On, and tried it out. And I am disappointed.

Here is my why: I have a shirt with four views (front, back, left, right). On each of these views I want the customer to be able to design a specified area to their hearts desire, for an extra $6. So if the shirt itself costs $10, and they customize only the front and back, the price should be $22. Easy enough? This is supposed to be possible even without the Pricing Add-On by setting a Max Price for the View – but this does not support Product Variations.

So I bought this add-on, and quickly learned it does not update when the customer deletes a layer/element. Which is useless. If it can add price when something is added, it should obviously be able to keep count and remove the price if it is removed again!

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I will keep this thread updated. Until then, I recommend double checking if whatever you need it for is possible before you buy it.



The pricing rules recognizes if an element is removed and added, see the demo by yourself:


Just remove the text and you will see the price is changing.

Well it's not working here. I just tested it again with a new product, and it worked there. But as soon as I change the Settings to use another element as Bounding Box (from the Individual Product Settings), it does not work any more. And I need both to work for this product.

Please create a ticket for this issue and share there you page details.

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