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how to work with custom jewelry with this product

Hi... im working in this project that i like to droship custom jewelry and i would like to use this product but i dont know how to begin.. what i want is to sell

bracelets with custom beads so you can choose one type of metal bracelet and put different kind of beads. also i want to design engravated bracelets and necklaces.. so i want to know what are the limitations of FPD and how can i create the templates of this jewelry as is shown in the tutorial videos for the shirts and so on.. do you have a especific tutorial that covers this subject about how to design custom jewelry because i see that you dont have a demo of this in your product dababase that is in the website... 

i attach some examples of the kind of products i want to manipulate with Fancy product designer. 


Sorry, there is no specific tutorial for this topic. For engraving work you could simply use custom added text-fields in combination with a bounding box or masking layers. For choosing beads etc. either a variable WooCommerce product or FPD desgin categories or switching between different FPD products - or a combination of all three.

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