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Issue With The Fancy Product Designer.

Hi there,

I have an issue with the fancy product designer ... it was working normally with the older version of WordPress but when i updated the WordPress to the 4.8.1 version it's not working anymore although i installed many of the fancy product designer plugins and activated them but none of them is working ...when i press the "customize" button of any of the fancy product designer they appear as a normal images so i can't customize any of them.

Please reply !!!!!!!


You'll always get a quicker reply by sending in a support ticket.

That is not a common issue with this update, so it's probably a server issue. Please open a ticket and send a link to a page with the issue.

I tried to send a support ticket but i don't know what is the " Envato purchase Code " and the " Version number "

The purchase code you can find in your envato account, in your purchases, the fancy product designer plugin. The version number you can find on the plugin page of your wp-admin.

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