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Allow customers to change Font size on Text Box

I want customers to be able to change the font size of Text Boxes.

For example, if a customer is editing a Business Card. The default "name" place holder might contain 2 words (ex: Manuel Larrazábal). But what if the customer wants/needs more space for his name (ex: Manuel Felipe Larrazábal Padilla). 

The way the plugin works right now doesn't allow the customer to adjust the font size so that his text fits into the design. So the customer has to Delete the text box and add a new Text box so that he can edit font size and everything else. And then, the customer might have some problem locating the text box exactly where it should be according to the design.

I'm not sure why the font size setting is disabled for textboxes that are already in the default design. If someone doesnt want to allow customers to edit the font size, then maybe they can disable this setting from the product builder.

Anyways, i know someone posted about this in the general discussion forum. But i figured i should put it in the feature requests.

Thank you so much for this amazing plugin and for listening to our requests.

I found out that this is already possible, but the text size editor is hidden with css.

To show the text size editor i used this code inside the Custom CSS from the UI & Layout editor:


    display: block!important;


Hope it helps

@Manuel Larrazábal thank you so much! I had the same problem but now its fixed!


The font size input becomes visible as soon as you enable "Editable" in the Text tab.

@Handrik Zuidersma Youre welcome!

@radykal i don't know if this was a bug fixed on a recent patch or only some people was experiencing this issue. But making the text box editable wasn't showing the fonr size for me. I was able to edit text and change some settings, but not the font size.

thanks. Wish i'd seen this months ago!

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