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Is there any way for customers to zoom in on their designs?

Is there any way for customers to zoom in on their designs?

I cannot find any way to enable any method of zooming during the customer's design process.


There are two zoom actions available via the UI & Layout composer, actions tab. Those don't work for you?

I have an issue like this. I know about the Zoom and Magnifying glass but they don´t work very well on mobile. Any suggestions?

I have a similar issue with the magnifying glass. It does not work on Chrome (version 61.0.3163.100) or Firefox (version 56.0.2) on Mac.  Are any one else having this issue?

The on that does not work for me is the magifing glass function.  It looks like it is enabled but it not working at all.  Using Wordpress 4.8.3 and Fancy Product Designer 3.5.5 running on CentOS.  Are other having this issue?

Please in the future open a new post or support tickets about issues like this - do not reply to a more or less completely unrelated topic. Thank you!

There is no general issue with the zoom feature/ magnifying glass at the moment. If you are having a problem, it's most likely some sort of conflict.

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