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No working Multi currency WPML


I purchased Fancy product designer &Multistep Product Configurator

My website is English / Korean

for example product cost 60$ -= 60000 Won(KOREAN)

when I put 60$ product in my cart and when I switch to korean website it appears 60 won.  (not 60000)

All my products are working well but only product made sith Fancy product designer shows error

I am using WPML and Woocommerce.

What is wrong with it? 

I will wait answer.


The problem here is that both the currency changer and FPD dynamically use js to change the prices, there is no API for doing currency conversions in WooCommerce. Currently we've not yet found a way of making FPD compatible to currency conversion plugins.

I see I hope my customers don't get confused with this issue. ( I will wait update. let me know if you figure out it) :)

I really love this program.  I like it but also has one more question.

if product gets more than 150 or over Variations, program just stops. I want to make custom product more than 300variations... but it causes error 100%.

Do you have any idea of this? you can have look our website  


Thanks for your answer and I will wait again. Thank you very much

Can we please get a fix for this currency switcher issue? It only happens when adding to cart. If I'm in checkout and change the currency, it works fine. Also, I don't have or need extra pricing for colors, designs, product prices, etc.. so is there a way to remove that in the code somehow? All of my costs are produced with variations in variable products anyway.



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