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Still blank and syntax error WooCommerce 3.1 FPD 3.4.7

still get blank canvas when I tried to view in order viewer and this error

parse — order-viewer.js:98 

SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token '\'

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i'm also not getting a blank canvas when i want to view the order, please help..

What’s your email address? He fixed it today on my site.
ge8104(at)hotmail(dot)com Thank you in advance Michael

hello Michael, please let me know if you can send a email. i have orders that i need to ship.

again thank you in advance

Emailed you
Hello Michael, its working great Thank you very much, we can continu our orders. :-)

Good to hear that Gerrit! I was two days almost completely offline because of this bug. 

Of ben je gewoon NL haha

I have the same problem. SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token. I have the latest versions of everything. I tried jQuery conflict and no-conflict mode. It happens in 3.4.6. also. Seems to be related to the latest Woocommerce update.

Your email?

Dannydekruijk@gmail.com. Thanks!!

dannydekruijk (at) gmail (dot) com

Emailed you

Thanks! It is fixed. 

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