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admin site no working

When i try to open the admin site i have this massage:

503 Service Unavailable: No healthy endpoints to handle the request.

We are running this app on meteor galaxy and the provider has an issue in his system, which will be fixed hopefully until Monday. I am also very disappointed that my app is not working, but I am not able to do anything in that case and also have to wait. I am very sorry for the inconvenience!

I talked to the provider, the fix is rolling out on Monday. I am sorry that ADMIN will not be available for the next days.

Is there any way I can still see the designs of my customer orders or am I dependent on any technical problem with Meteor, which is repaired at some time? We have to meet delivery deadlines and it is not very professional when I need to contact each customer and later have to consolute.
An old FPD version without admin site to activate does not work unfortunately unfortunately for orders, which with the newest version. A contingency plan would be great !!!


You can of course also still see the orders in your order viewer on your own server (WooCommerce, orders, click the order you want and then click load in order viewer). For orders via Shortcode there is an order viewer under the fancy product designer menu.


The ADMIN should work fine now again.

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