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Color layer

Dear Developer!

Is there any way of having an upload zone under a color layer? So that I could move, edit and put effects on the uploaded images? Let me show you an example of how I use the plug in: http://3dnevjegykartya.hu/termek/eskuvoi-ultetokartya-minta-8/

As you can see after having uploaded the image I can’t edit the image, in fact only the upper layer can be coloured (the scale can be seen below). The add text part works perfectly fine in the below zone, it can be edited and the background can be coloured, as well. This is what I’d like to have in the uploading part under the color layer.

Is there a solution for this?


Currently we are not available for any custom job. But we have a partnership with an external company that offers WordPress experts from just $29 per hour. I am sure they can help you with your concern.



I am struggling to create the watermark the way you did it on your site.
Could you please let me know how?

Thanks so much,

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