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Choice in MSPC should only apply to certain views in FPD


let's say I want to make baseball caps where the top of the peak and the bottom side of the peak are customizable.

I installed both, MSPC and FDP. Process goes like this:

- Choice 1 - top color: view 1 (peak from top)

- Choice 2 - top logo: view 1 (peak from top)

- Choice 3 - bottom color: view 2 (peak from below)

However, when the customer comes to choice 3, the view doesn't change automatically and the logo is being added to the old view (which obviously doesn't make sense).

Have I missed an option how to tell MSPC when to switch views or something? The option "Replace in all views" is off.

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MSPC can at the moment really only work with products that only use one view. You could maybe use this:


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